“Having not had a period since coming off the Pill 3 and a half years ago I went to a private specialist who diagnosed me with PCOS. It was when searching the internet one day that I came across Zoë’s website and decided to give it a shot. It was quite a shock when Zoë told me that actually you can manage PCOS, and therefore have a normal menstrual cycle, through diet. Zoë provided me with a bespoke food and nutrition plan as well as providing me with a wealth of information and resources on PCOS and nutrition. I followed Zoë’s advice and although I was told that it could take months for the diet to impact on the syndrome, within two months I had my first natural period in 3 and a half years. Obviously I was delighted! I cannot stress enough to anyone suffering with PCOS how helpful Zoë is”.

Kate, Solicitor, North London


“Having always had a weak immune system, normally resulting in ear, noise or throat problems, I had been for every blood test and check under the sun with various GP’s over the years. Despite having more of a healthy lifestyle than ever involving regular exercise, good diet etc., each winter I would get one cold and flu virus after another, causing me to take numerous days off work, leaving me feeling exhausted, frustrated and really fed up. Alongside this, I had always struggled with my weight and had hit a wall with trying to lose any for about a year. I decided to arrange a consultation with Zoë to address these underlying issues and I am so pleased I made this decision. Despite thinking I was pretty clued up and interested in food and healthy eating, Zoë gave me a  much more in depth of knowledge about nutrition, supplements and how the combination of certain food groups were extremely important in managing my health, weight and wellbeing. She identified that I may have some issues with blood sugar levels which in turn was affecting not only my immune system, but also my ability to lose weight through hormonal changes. She recommended an extremely appealing, nutritious food and supplement plan that was easy to follow by simply making tweaks in what I was eating to boost my immune system and curbed any desire for sugar, which was a first! 

Most of all, she helped me redefine my attitude to nutrition, diet and fitness, in a really balanced, realistic manner – acknowledging that life is too short to survive purely on kale, and without the odd glass of wine now and again.

I now focus on doing things for my health – rather than to lose weight – which has been the most refreshing thing I’ve learnt from her, and has given me a whole new perspective on how I look after myself. I’ve been fit and well for a good 6 months already, noticed a tangible change in my skin, hair and nails, and have felt more energised and positive than I have for a long time. I cannot recommend Zoë enough for anyone who has pursued the conventional route for long term health or weight issues with no success. She has been a huge catalyst in me giving my immune system the boost it really needed,  and most importantly motivating me to approach my health and wellbeing in a much more positive – and effective way”.

Helena, Charity Director, South-east London


‘Zoë Hill came to my house in Finsbury Park to speak to my NCT group about a month before we started to wean our babies. She was very friendly and the information she gave us about baby led weaning vs puréeing was very comprehensive and accessible. All the information she gave us on nutrition was supported with both scientific and anecdotal evidence; it was really helpful that Zoë is mother to a toddler and had recently been through the weaning process herself. After Zoë had explained the two different weaning approaches she answered all our questions very patiently. My NCT group all enjoyed the talk and even though most of us knew very little about weaning we now feel much more knowledgeable about the weaning process and confident about getting our babies onto solids. I have frequently referred to the excellent worksheets she gave us to take away’.

Laura, Teacher, North London


“I have been suffering from eczema for the last 30 years. It has been a shadow that looms over my entire life.  Over that time I’ve been through a roller coaster of therapies, experimenting with lots of fads and treatments such as cutting out all sugar and yeast, traditional Chinese remedies, hypnotherapy, countless steroids and specialists.  None of these ever addressed the root of the problem. I began to think that there was no way to cure it and it was just a penance I would have to endure. I just had to make the most of the good days when they came.  On top of this, in 2012, I discovered it was affecting my vision. I was diagnosed with keratoconus and blepharitis. At one point I was putting some sort of drop into my eye every half an hour and it culminated in me almost losing my sight.  I needed contact lenses to see and needed to make some drastic changes. I was at a loss as to how.  Working with Zoë has revolutionised my whole life. Zoë has real empathy and passion for her work. She gave me a bespoke diet plan and equipped me with a wealth of knowledge about my own digestive system. Through her patient guidance she made it a really enjoyable experience. I now know how to manage my lifestyle and use my diet to affect a positive difference in my skin. I also know what the dangers are, so can be more calculated in interacting with them. My family, friends and even my family doctor all agree that it’s the best condition I’ve ever been in. To such a state my ailments are not visible any more. My eyes have improved and I can now tolerate the contact lenses. For the first time, I am fully in control of my conditions.  I cannot express my gratitude to Zoë for giving me this control’.

Simon, Lawyer, Middlesex